Production Studio

Lemonade Acre, LLC

Sun City, Az

Cool people, great props, creative vibes abound!
Love it.

Cliff Shared,

Director, Producer 

#LemonadeAcre is an INCREDIBLE location with invaluable resources. In addition to that; Trina & Bert are 2 of the nicest people I have EVER met. From the moment I was introduced to them they made me feel like family. They cared sincerely about the film project we were affiliated on. They fed us and showed us the utmost care. I would recommend there services to everyone and anyone. There lives are dedicated to making the best art possible! I respect them and hope to work with them again and again. I encourage you to reach out to them on your next shoot. I know I will.

 - ♡ J.Lyle


What Clients Say About Us


It is a wonderful place, they are excellent fabricators designers and make up artist. They showed me where they built in entire spaceship inside of an RV and the quality was just simply phenomenal. I would use them for any movie I needed where I needed good props good costume design and ability and space to set up a larger set. But on top of that you get the people that work there and they're just wonderful they are a force for your team and that is worth more than anything else they could provide.​


Kyle Dockum,